Episode 25: Whacko Chacko | Illustrator, Speaker & Storyteller – “Joy”

Season 3 has arrived!

In this episode we sat down with Ashwin Chacko, aka, Whacko Chacko who is a multi-disciplinary illustrator, designer, hand-letterer, and motivational speaker living and working in Dublin.

Working 12 years now as a solopreneur, Ashwin has worked with clients such as Facebook, Adobe, Nike, Puma, United Nations, and many more. Ashwin specialises in positive visual storytelling, helping businesses to connect with their audiences through illustration and design for advertising campaigns, products, packaging, editorials, children’s books and one-off commissions from around the world.

With a passion for uncovering the social interactions that drive culture, Ashwin captures these moments in bold lines and shapes, focusing on a strong use of characters intermingled with typography and patterns. Ashwin describes his work as ‘positively playful’ influenced by contemporary culture rooted in his love for music, comics, tattoos and street art.

Ashwin has also published several illustrative books, many of them for children. One called “Keep at It” which is full of inspiring quotes and insights Ashwin wishes he had at the start of his journey—so if you’re just starting out or even if you’ve been going for a long time, go check that out. Also if you have kids, the other books are brilliant!

Growing up in an international boarding school at the foothills of the Himalayas in India, Ashwin says this has had a huge influence on his work over the years. He now lives with his wife, who is Irish, which prompted him to move to Ireland where they live with their three children.

See more about Ashwin here – https://whackochacko.com/

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