Craig Black | Visual Artist – Is Acrylic Art The Next Big Brand Trend?

In this episode, we sit down with Craig Black who is an amazing visual artist from Scotland. Craig is extremely passionate about what he does and has recently shifted away from his original technique of typography to create a whole new technique in visual art called Acrylic Fusion. This new technique involves mixing acrylic paints to create interesting and mesmerising patterns on different surfaces and products such as shoes, footballs and skateboards. All this began after he was inspired by his Wife’s leggings!

His unique and versatile style has since led him to work with brands such as UEFA, Wisdom Audio, Pepsi and Ribble Cycles and his work has been displayed from New York to Dubai and Sydney.

Listen on to find out how he has managed to grow such a successful studio, how he is able to evolve his artistic talent and his top tips for bringing in new opportunities.

Check out Craig’s work here.

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