Episode 17: Darlene Vogel | Actress, aka ‘Spike’ on BTTF II – “What’s Wrong, McFly?”

In this episode we sat down with Darlene Vogel who is an actress well-known for her very first role as Spike, a member of Griff’s hoverboard gang in the movie Back to the Future 2. 

Darlene got her start in New York City and has landed over 100 national commercials, including the ‘Milk does a body good’ campaign. 

Darlene has been acting for over 35 years and has done numerous guest stars and Pilot work. She landed the series Pacific Blue in 1995, working on 88 episodes playing Officer Chris Kelly. She also played Melanie McIver in the “One Life to Live” soap opera. 

Darlene has three recently-released thriller films including “The Spearhead Effect”, “Extracurricular Activities” and “Day 13”. She’s also had a few starring roles in movies made for Lifetime television including “Smuggling in Suburbia”, “Dirty Teacher” and “Walking the Halls”. She’s also made guest appearances on Full House, Northern Exposure, Boy Meets World and CSI.

Currently living just a mile from the beach in sunny Santa Monica California with her two children, Owen and Audrey, Darlene is an avid dog rescuer with 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 3 bearded dragons! 

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