Episode 26: Ica Headlam | Creative & Host of ‘Creative Me Podcast’ – “We Are Here”

In this episode we sat down with the amazing Ica Headlam who is a creative and podcast host based here in the north-east of Scotland.

In late 2017 Ica started to independently produce and host the Creative Me Podcast, a weekly show that explores creativity and arts in the North East of Scotland, with the aim of drawing a wider focus on Aberdeen’s creative community. To date, it has been commissioned for the Look Again Festival, Northlands Creative, and City Moves festival dance live. The podcast has also been downloaded over 26,000 times, and is about to hit 100 episodes.

Ica is also the founder of ‘We Are Here Scotland’ a platform that aims to amplify the voices of Black and People of Colour artists and creatives across Scotland’s creative industries.

Ica is also a qualified Social Worker who works with vulnerable young adults across the city and is a strong advocate for representation across the arts and values the importance of open and honest dialogue.

Hailing from South-East London – Ica moved to Scotland in 2004 and now lives in Aberdeen with his wife and two and a half-year-old daughter.

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