Episode 23: Gavin Quirk | Head of Fulfillment Ops, Global Creative Prod, Netflix – “Passion is Key”

In this episode we sat down with Gavin Quirk who is the Head of Fulfillment Operations for Global Creative Production at Netflix.

With nearly 20 years of experience in brand and marketing strategy, Gavin started his career in London with Diageo on the Graduate Development Scheme after graduating from the University of Strathclyde Business School here in Glasgow, Scotland. 

While at Diageo Gavin held various Sales and Marketing roles including leading retail activation strategies in Sainsbury’s stores across the UK and France and Brand Management roles for Guinness, Jose Cuervo and Three Barrels brandy. 

After leaving Diageo, he moved to Disney where he led 360 brand campaign strategies for Studio releases across Live Action and Animated movies. This role eventually took him to Los Angeles where he held several Disney leadership positions in Marketing, Operations and Business Development. 

In 2018, after almost 12 years at Disney, he moved to Netflix where he currently leads a team at the intersection of Marketing and Product whose core focus is the fulfilment of high-quality video, text and image assets for the global Netflix platforms.

Born in Paisley, Gavin grew up on the Southside of Glasgow but eventually moved to the US in 2010, and now lives with his girlfriend and their dog Major in West Hollywood. Gavin is a big football fan (or Soccer, for our American friends) and most of his weekends consist of getting up at a ridiculous hour to watch the games happening here in Scotland. 

Gavin still considers Glasgow to be his home despite not living here for 20 years, but plans to come back and visit soon—hopefully you’ll come visit us at MadeBrave as well!

See more about Gavin here!

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